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Zeittafel Scahfferhof
Zeittafel Scahfferhof


Around 1300 the Schafferhof was built by the lords of Leuchtenberg as a farm belonging to Leuchtenberg castle. 

From 1515 the farm was owned by the monastery of Waldsassen and was run as a manor until the secularization in 1799. From then on it was privately owned. In the years that followed the farm was used for agriculture and as a bakery. The wood-burning oven installed in 1920 is still in working order and used for special occasions.

Refurbishment from 1998 – 2000 

After approx. two years of restoration works the first big refurbishment projects, i. e. the house and the barn floor, were completed in 2000, and the brewing privilege existing since 1415 has been revived.  

By the way: The year 2020 will probably be over before Schafferhof will have been completely efurbished! And then it will start all over again!  Denkmal

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Schafferhof um 1970
Schafferhof um 1970