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Glückliche Hühner
Glückliche Hühner

Dead or alive
For hundreds of years it’s been served right here:
the famous amber Zoigl beer.
On the brewer’s craftsmanship it depends
whether your life goes on or ends. 

Best quality
A lot of consumers are currently losing their appetites when reading the newspapers. 

The rotten-meat and other food scandals have repeatedly been in the limelight. With this in mind food is not a pleasure but becomes a risk.
We cannot guarantee that everything is organic – but that almost all of our foods come directly from our area, since:
The eggs are from happy chickens from the neighborhood or the nearest      village.
The pigs are from the area and usually kept in open stables.
Fresh herbs, such as parsley and chives, are from our own herb garden or fresh from the market.
The liqueurs – from unsprayed fruits – are from distilleries nearby (Kriechenbauer – Störnstein, Schraml – Erbendorf, Binner – Windisch-Eschenbach).
The sausages are fresh from home slaughtering or from a small local butcher’s shop.
The cheese is fresh from Allgäu (south Bavaria) or an organic farm.
The non-alcoholic beverages are from the local brewery.
The Zoigl beer is brewed exclusively at the communal brewing house in our village and served at the places that have a brewing privilege. 

A delightful meal does not necessarily depend on the price. Ingenuity is always in simplicity – this also applies to food. 

In our view a culinary highlight comprises the quality of products, craftsmanship, a cosy atmosphere, friendly service and freshly drafted beer. 

As they say here: “Food and drink keep heart and soul together!”

Have a relaxed time and enjoy your food and drink!

The Fütterer family

P.S. Obviously we cannot avoid that the service takes a bit longer when the beer garden or house are full. Try to see it this way: When it takes longer, the stomach is better prepared – and good digestion guaranteed.